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The canteen menu

Menu layout and display:
Remember to also change your menu format and display enhance the healthy changes your are making. An attractive-looking menu can help make the healthy changes look new and exciting.

  • Make sure the layout, font and prices are clear and easy to read.
  • Help students and parents identify healthy menu choices by:
    • Placing them at the top of the menu
    • Writing them in bold or interesting font
    • Including pictures to complement the healthy choices
    • Including catchy names.
  • Include a “noticeboard” section to communicate regular specials and promotions, messages to parents, or even interesting nutrition facts.
If your canteen menu still provides some unhealthy, occasional foods, place these all in a box at the bottom of the menu, informing parents that these are unhealthy choices and should be ordered only occasionally (e.g. not every time your child has a lunch order).


Some schools place smiley symbols beside the healthier choices on the menu for students to use as a guide for selecting healthier menu items and to encourage healthy eating.

Creating a canteen menu from scratch, or want to revamp your menu layout?

You can download a template canteen menu which you can easily adapt for your school: You can download some sample canteen menus which are reflect seasonal weather: Need inspiration for your canteen menu? The following schools offer great menus which promote and encourage healthy choices: Acknowledgement
Nutrition Australia
Victoria The Place To Be