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Healthy Primary Schools

Healthy Primary Schools

Primary schools are important places where children learn to develop regular healthy eating and physical activity routines. Every school can make a difference to the health of their students by supporting the six healthy messages of Kids - 'Go for your life' and joining the Kids - 'Go for your life' Award Program.Healthy Primary Schools'

The six healthy messages
The Kids - 'Go for your life' six healthy eating and physical activity messages have been selected as key habits to improve the health of Victorian children. Read more...

Tap into water everyday
Plant fruit & veg in your lunch box
Limit occasionally foods
Move, play and go
Turn off, switch to play
Stride and ride
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Make a difference to student wellbeing
  • There are many important reasons (818kb, pdf) to promote these healthy behaviours.
  • School communities often recognise students with unhealthy eating or physical activity habits. However, often schools are not aware of the significant health consequences (818kb, pdf) of these behaviours.
  • Creating healthy habits in children requires action from the whole community. Schools can make a difference (191kb, pdf) to children’s health by taking a health promoting schools approach to healthy eating and physical activity.
  • Support the healthy messages by joining the Award Program and getting involved in the healthy message campaign.
Join the Award Program
Make healthy eating and physical activity a positive, normal and easy part of every student’s day by joining the Award Program. Every Victorian primary school can sign up for the free program by completing the membership application form (1.7mb, pdf).

Member schools are provided with:
  • A simple guide to create a healthier school environment.
  • Free support materials including a starter pack, member CD, posters, family tip sheets, newsletter inserts and more.
  • Membership certificate.
  • A free outdoor sign on becoming an Award School.
Find out more about the award program and get answers to frequently asked questions.
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Partner Programs
Kids – ‘Go for your life’ partner programs can support your primary school to promote healthy messages and become a Kids – ‘Go for your life’ Award School.

'Go for your life' Canteens Advisory Service
Nutrition Australia’s 'Go for your life' Canteens Advisory Service supports schools to implement the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development School Canteens and Other School Food Services Policy and ‘Limit occasionally food’.

Fruit + Veg Program
This Home Economics Victoria program provides curriculum resources and training workshops for teachers, canteen managers and parents to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables by primary school children. It helps encourages children to ‘Plant fruit and veg in their lunchbox’. Read more…

Find out about more programs and resources to support your school by joining up as a Kids - 'Go for your life' member.

Latest news
  • Health expos, launches and media articles are some of the creative ways Kids - 'Go for your life' has been introduced into school communities..
  • New resources have been developed to support the current healthy message campaign to Tap into water every day…
  • The ‘Go for your life’ Canteens Advisory Service is continuing to run workshops across the state…
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Additional information
For health professionals: Useful links Contact Us
For further information email the Kids - 'Go for your life' Primary School State Coordinator or call 1300 739 899.

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